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By spintix
Posts:  29
Joined:  Mon May 11, 2009 4:09 am
What would be the best advice you could give me if i were to raise a variety of sundews, tropical pitcher plants, and flytraps in a terrarium together? i know venus flytraps do better outside a terrarium but i am set on having a ecosystem of both temperate and tropical plants living together inside a tank. What is the best advice you could give me for raising this variety together in a terrarium? they get about 4 hours of direct sunlight during the day and 40 watts of florescent for the other 10 hours. Should i just water all of them with ice cold water at night and let the humidity in the tank vent out at night? what are some of the key things to know about raising these plants in a terrarium?
By kevinqwe
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Joined:  Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:04 am
be careful with fungus and mold.
im not sure if you should water it with ice water. i seriously dont know. i guess just use regular distilled water.
i also think you should higher the florescent light to more hrs
By Aging_Bourbon
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Joined:  Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:14 pm
spintix wrote:aren't colder nights with less humidity a plus?

well with some CPs it is like a Ceph, Cobra Lily and High Land Nepenthes need "cool night's".. but most don't require it.. you can't really grow tropical and temperate plants together.. well mainly because they don't mix one was to go Dormant and the other keeps growing and theirs another problem the "Soil" some require a different kind than the other. you have to take all these variables into consideration

with terrariums there comes many problems as well.. the most common one is Fungus and mold are a real danger in high humid environments. i would only recommend a Terrarium only if it was a "sun pitcher" or a certain type of Nepenthes that requires high humidity but with Venus Flytraps and other kinds.. no it's not really necessary.

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Joined:  Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:28 am
If you're dead set on growing all these plants in one terrarium, i think it's best to simulate tropical climate.
I think a VFT and the temperate sundews tolerate tropical climate better than the tropical plants would tolerate a temperate climate. That's my two cents.
Furthermore, Nepenthes can get used to low humidity levels, but your pitchers wouldn't grow to their potential maximum size this way. So to avoid fungus, i would gradually lower the humidity levels. I've seen a site somewhere of a nursery that grew Nepenthes in relative humidity levels of ~30%.

So your terrarium should have tropical temperature levels, but temperate humidity levels..
By spintix
Posts:  29
Joined:  Mon May 11, 2009 4:09 am
ok well, how can i achieve that? tropical temperatures as in above 80 degrees even at night? i also decided to take the plastic strip exposing 1/4 of the terrarium to open air and i have a swamp cooler going across the room to keep the air fluctuated to prevent mold. The room is the hottest room in the house and faces the sun for a good part of the day.
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