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By b34nz
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Joined:  Mon May 02, 2011 8:42 pm
hi i am a new to carnivorous plants but a keen gardener and was thinking that this would be a great little project for my nephew and little bro'- They are just discovering this big world of plants and bugs and full of vigor and mischief. I wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere in london or the UK to get cheap seeds or plants to buy? or maybe you might have some seeds or cuttings that you don't want?
I am thinking about creating a carnivorous plant Terrarium with them and had a few questions about what materials to use?
I already have a case but need to know what to use for the following
1.Base Layer ??
2.What to use for separation layer??
- Thanks in advance guys :D

ohh before i the mimosa moving plant capable of being grown in the same terrarium and compatible with carnivorous plants :?:
By David F
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Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
Alright, a few things you could tell us would help. It your terrarium, aquatic and also terrestrial, is it aquatic with land mass islands, is it underneath terrestrial, and above aquatic or vise versa (is possible) in some ways water on top is easier sometimes.

I have done my terrariums with islands on either side, or even floating cork bark that holds up the land mass. You will definately need good lighting sources, if your terrarium could be in a bright room that already helps, but you will definately be needing substitute lighting systems.

I plan to convert my aqarium with some land mass this year, to a terrarium, with mostly terrestrial and areas of aquatic, I'll be putting CPs, and frogs, maybe some fish and crabs. Probably some insects as well.

Let me know your plans, I could probably help you. :)
By b34nz
Posts:  4
Joined:  Mon May 02, 2011 8:42 pm
Hello and thanks ... so far i have a simple setup 30x30x30cm exo terra tank, along with :
3x VFT, sundews and a pitcher. I also have the canope, with a warm white 20w CFL Bulb (2700k). I will upgrade the bulb later

I have some Sphagnum moss, Perlite, but could not find any peat moss.
However I found a bag of B&Q sowing and cutting compost (Peat Mix) and am considering using it. I know it should have No fertilizer in it and it does not say it has any on the bag so i assume it does not -fingers crossed

Still considering what to use for drainage though ?? I have some old fish tank gravel, i havent heard of anyone using this so I dont know.

Your terrarium sounds great with the islands, my tank is probably a bit to small
but I might create a bigger one after if all goes well. Have you got any pictures?
- thanks
By David F
Posts:  1649
Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
Don't use the B&Q medium, you don't want to mix that.

I don't have any pictures, since like I said, its aqarium only right now, but once I get it drawn up I could email you a picture.

with some plants you may want to consider leaving them in the pot, and puting that pot just covered in soil, it makes placement and planting easier.

So I realize you don't have a very large terrarium, I was thinking that you might do something with intricate landscaping and what not (like I plan to do) If your just simply putting them in there, you can maybe put moss in a few places, and make some nice rock formation which plants protrude or something, It should be pretty strait forward.

You'll have to rinse quite a bit of peat to be ready. And yes your bulb will need more like 6000k. I can't really visualize well, what you are trying to do, so you may want to see how the plants will fit, and how close the lights can be.

Lighting is a problem I will face as well, since the terrarium is fairly deep. I'm still wondering how I can ventilate it, I'll probably deal with that later though.

Species I'm considering from greatest to least likliness

Drosera Capensis(several variations)
Drosera Spatatula(several variations)
Dioneae Muscipula (taken out in the winter for dormancy)
Drosera Adalea (if Lowe's gets some soon)
Drosera Roseana
Drosera Nidiformis
Drosera Burmanii
I'll have to research which sar. will be compatable probably not many

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