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Pics of some of my plants

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2022 5:43 pm
by Ewreck
Just some pics of a few of my plants
#1 community pot of dews I made. There’s a big pinkxself alba(seed bank) with the longer petioles top left. Typical cape from leaf prop under that. 2 bainskloof capes from Hollyhock. Bottom left herculesxself(seed bank), 3 Madagascariensis from leaf prop I got from nepenthes0260, spat Tamlin(seed bank) and a big pinkxself(seed bank).

#2 Big Pinks that I can’t get to turn pink. I guess my lights aren’t turned up enough to turn them pink? My big pinkxself seedlings are pinkish so I dunno maybe feeding them is keeping them green? The bainskloof’s new growth is pretty green too which makes me think not enough light for it to be pink? Cool tho still nonetheless

#3 UK Sawtooth plantlets I got from Carnies getting bigger

#4 La grosse a gui gui from Slicric78

#5 Intermedia sprouts. It’s crazy how much faster these grow than say capes or spats, I’m guessing because the seeds are a little bigger?

#6 Seed grown vfts I bought from FTS getting bigger although I’m afraid I may have some buried a little too deep and are a little cramped I need to repot these but I’m good at procrastinating

#7 purp venosa