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By kevinqwe
do you guys know any hardware stores like homedepot that sell perlite?
im in need of it really badly. i looked online but none show their product.
By mktamin
Home Depot only sells Miracle Gro perlite, which is toxic for VFTs. Your only choice seems to be to look in your local nursery. Perlite isn't necessary though, it just helps with drainage, but as long as you don't flood your pot, it should be ok
By kevinqwe
it can be found in hardware stores?
i really dont have any nurseries.
By Jutty_Boy
mktamin wrote:
Perlite isn't necessary though,

Uhh yea. . .im just curious, did you over water your plant and you would like perlite or sand to control the water level?
By kevinqwe
because im repotting and planting a flowerstalk. and planting some seeds.
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By linton
You could try looking for a hydroponics store that sells perlite, or a swimming pool supplier for sand (sand is used in pool fliters) try to get silica sand, or washed propagating sand that is quartz based.
By bob2sea
I found some very cheap Perlite on Ebay, you could try there?
By J_Max
The only non-enhanced perlite I've ever found is at nurseries. You don't have a nursery, so thats not much help for you ;) But if you could call a nursery even if its far away and ask them where they buy it, it might work. They don't always buy it wholesale because most people don't buy pure perlite. Now, for a useful tidbit, whatever you do, I recommend not settling on regular sand. I had a hard time last year finding perlite and I used washed play sand. It almost killed 5 plants because of the micro sediments left in it. If sand, use silica :D

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