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By Matt
Please submit your photos to this thread to be entered in the contest. Either upload them directly to the forum (by clicking the "Upload Attachment" tab below the text area when posting) or upload them to the community portion of the site and link them to a post in this thread. The only posts that should be in this thread are photo submissions. All other posts will be deleted or moved.

Be sure to read the rules here: FlytrapCare Photo Contest Rules.

When submitting your photo, please also include your country of residence.

The contest is open for submissions for 14 days, closing the evening of October 18th. After the contest closes for submissions, a poll will be made from all of the submitted photos and every forum member will have three votes for the photos that they like the best. Voting will be open for 10 days, starting the morning of the 18th and ending the morning of October 28th.

OK, let's see some awesome photos!
By cybercrow
one of the largest traps on one of my big mouth venus flytraps with some good red colouration
Shutter Speed:10/800 second
Focal Length:7 mm
ISO Speed:100
Date Taken: sept 17, 2010, 4:36:47 pm
i live in England, united kingdom
big mouth jaws.JPG
big mouth jaws.JPG (440.63 KiB) Viewed 4285 times
By froggy123
WOW... I photo contest while I was gone for a while and one where I can put my pics in :mrgreen:
Looking at the order other people have put their info in,
vft 'typical'
I bought this vft at Homebase as it had the most largest traps than any other ones.
I don't know the maker or type of the camera I used but it can take some pretty gd pictures.
Oh yh, I nearly forgot, I live in England/United Kingdom
Ok so here it is and I hope I win!!
'.jpg (77.84 KiB) Viewed 4279 times
By eou812
Four Venus flytraps One Sarracenia Purpurea
Four Venus flytraps One Sarracenia Purpurea
063.JPG (23.97 KiB) Viewed 4274 times
Five Typical Venus flytraps
One Sarracenia Purpurea
Model/Make-Finepix Z-Fujifilm
Everything was on auto
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By RL7836
'Pit of Doom'
Heliamphora pulchella, Akopan Tepui, Venezuela
Photo taken with Olympus Stylus 410 (Point & Shoot)
Country of residence = USA
H pulchella 1 091610 RS2.JPG
H pulchella 1 091610 RS2.JPG (121 KiB) Viewed 4274 times
By Gothic TRAPS
Hey guys! Well, I had such an overwhelming response on my Carnivorous Bog Bowl and I thank you all for those kind posts. Unfortunately, I can only submit one of my little plant of horrors for this contest. I was highly complimented on one of the plants in the bowl and so here it goes. Let's see how well it does among many beautiful plant photo submissions by you all ;) .

Purpurea X Flava - Sarracenia
Burnaby, BC - CANADA
06.JPG (68.47 KiB) Viewed 4243 times

Date photo was taken: September 3rd, 2010
Camera: SONY Cyber-shot DSC-P93
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By mefistofelos
My Venus Flytrap blossoming.
Taken by cannon camera (don`t know the details atm)
Plant is in my possession for one year.

Errr.... it`s not top quality plant, but obtained from supermarket... but it`s mine and I love it! :D
Venus Flytrup blossoming
Venus Flytrup blossoming
IMG_8704.JPG (262.36 KiB) Viewed 4229 times

err... you don`t have my country in list :?: , so it`s Serbia. ;)
By stevefalco
Here is a Dionaea muscipula (common red) that has bitten off a bit more than it can chew.

Camera is a Nikon D700 with a micro Nikkor 105mm VR lens.

I have not had this plant for 3 months yet, so please don't vote for this photo - I wouldn't want to break the rules. But it is a fun shot, so I wanted to share it with the group.

DSC_0301.jpg (97.94 KiB) Viewed 3913 times
Here's one of my Drosera Capensis grabbing a hold of a fly...
Can't escape the deathgrip!
Can't escape the deathgrip!
DSC02078.jpg (77.23 KiB) Viewed 3901 times

I used a Sony Cybershot in macro mode.
From Ca, USA
By AwesomeBobcat2012
Drosera Capensis Dewtopia

Country of Residence: U.S.A (New Mexico)
Camera: FujiFilm JV100 (12MP)
Date Taken: October 3, 2010
Settings: 1/320 sec, ISO 100, F/3.2
Sorry but this photo, may display only half the size, if so please notify me.
Sorry but this photo, may display only half the size, if so please notify me.
DSCF0063.JPG (499.83 KiB) Viewed 3844 times
Last edited by AwesomeBobcat2012 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:35 pm, edited 2 times in total.

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