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By bananaman
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I got a job at a nursery, and it’s hard not to buy tons of stuff with the discount I get. I mostly don’t, but I did get this little guy: a night blooming jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum). It’s just in a 4” pot (though I bumped it up to a 6” pot because of how rootbound it was).
D0C91660-885D-4674-8635-1B4A207BAC9A.jpeg (2.27 MiB) Viewed 341 times
While the flowers aren’t impressive and aren’t even open during the day, they’re incredibly, incredibly fragrant and smell great.

It’ll overwinter inside this year, and I’ll probably try it in the ground next year. We’re right near the edge of where you can grow them, but I’ve got a nice, protected spot that should work. If it doesn’t, well, it’s only a loss of $1.50. I’m planning on taking cuttings, though, so it should survive no matter what.

Fortunately, they seem to grow pretty fast: it looks like this guy was a cutting (actually 2), and it’s already been pruned back several times.
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By Nepenthes0260
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I love that plant, too! Our family got one in the spring, and it grew close to 5 feet tall in just a few months. We cut ours back to the base and are storing it in the garage in the winter.

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