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Super growing soil?
Could anyone watch this video and share there thoughts? Pretty interesting
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Pure Silica sand as a growing medium

Can you grow temperate Sarrs,Sundews and VFT's in pure Silica Sand only?
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Self watering systems

Hi guys, is there a way to install self watering systems? Our whole family is going overseas for a bit, so no one will be able to water/care for the plants. Is there an app that can do something like that for you? For example, if I wanted to fill the flytraps trays with water to a certain level, how would I do that? What equipment will I need?
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Snow water

So! All the reverse osmosis water I can buy has minerals added after reverse osmosis! Can I collect snow this winter and melt it to water my plant as it hybernates?
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The distilled water at my local grocers reads at 170ppm...

I noticed some of my plants weren't growing well so I got a TDS meter to test my water.

The "distilled" water from my local grocery store reads as 170ppm.
My tap water came up as about 67ppm.
Water from my fridges water dispenser (and the filter inside) has read from between 51 and 56ppm.

I'm a little frustrated since I did lose some sundews and couldn't figure out why, but on the other hand ...
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Silica...I can't find it anywhere

Alright, I hope this topic hasn't been beaten well into the ground already and if it has I will go slap myself for not finding those threads. I can't find suitable silica sand locally to save my life. The closest I've seen but not tried yet is the "silver sand" from Lowe's which is apparently pure silica, however it is graded to a #30 mesh which I believe will be far to fine. I know ...
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why change out soil?

If CP's don't rely on the media for nutrients, then why ever change it out? If there isn't any fungii or infestation of some kind, then why not just give it a good rinse every now and then? I mean, I don't go out in my landscaping and pull everything up for my other plants and they do just great. If the pot is large enough, could they stay in it indefinitely? I'm just curious ...
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healthy big traps bought from store, acclimatize?

hi all, usually when I buy a potted vft from a plant store, they have long, thin leaves, small traps and are bright green.
I will take these home and try to acclimatise them slowly to outdoor/full day sun.
Most of the plant still ends up dying back, even during mid summer.
Today I bought multiple potted vft from the same plant store, this time having short thicker leaves, and a lot of very large ...
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How I Prepare and Rinse Media

I sent out some seeds to folks recently and also got a bunch myself, so I thought I’d put together a little photo documentary of how I prepare my soil for seeds or plants or cuttings.

The basic materials are peat, perlite, CP-appropriate water, and a bucket. I fill the bucket partway with water.

I dump some peat moss on top of the water — it’s dry, so it floats. ...
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Clay Pellets for CP's

Clay pellets are made of fired clay, advertised as pH neutral and water absorbing/wicking. They are also lightweight and used for hydroponics. I'm wondering if these would be of some advantage for growing CP's. For example, a mix of clay pellets and LFSM for use with Nepenthes. Pinguuicula media?

Anybody work with these or try them?
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