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New vessel

My cheap vessel
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Heliamphora medium question Heliamphora medium question

Hello everyone,

I have a serious problem with my Heliamphora cultures. I've been using this medium at first: 1/3 MS, full MS vitamins, 25g sucrose, 5,6g of agar/l, 1mg/l PPM. I try to set pH at around 5.5-6. Seeds have germinated but the seedlings were growing extremely poorly and not producing roots at all (the seedling's root tips seemed to turn black after touching the medium?). At some point I've tried experimenting, replating plants into ...
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How to harden off?

I got these on sale a couple of months ago and the instructions just a to break open the container and make sure you wash off all the growth medium. I didn't feel like I was getting all the growth medium off, I probably shouldn't have let them go so long but it's been really busy, so I have them soaking in distilled water. Any tips on hardening these guys off? I have several more ...
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Will ultra violet light cut it for sterilization?

I think UV leds are a cheaper alternative to a hepa air filter. Also, my Tc unit will compose of two glued together Tupperware containers, a UV filter system, I'm not sure how the glove contraption will work to let me interact with it, basic cleaning chemicals ( bleach, alcohol and peroxide ), Tc vessels, and some sort of mechanism that will allow me to add or take out item ( still working on ) ...
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My TC adventure

Hi All,
I am looking at restarting my CP collection (between a new dog, chickens, university and a few years of neglect al my CP's died). I have also tried tissue culture at home before (growing potatoes) and that was reasonably successful. I figured I would try putting some CP's in tissue culture and repopulate my garden. I mainly interested in Dionaea, Drosera and Sarracenia varieties.

It has been a while since I last tried ...
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nepenthes callus question

If I put a callus into regular tissue culture without callus hormones, will the callus sprout ?

I found this and was wondering how to grow it ... :rk:1:pf:0
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Excess moisture Excess moisture

Hi all. I'm new to the forum and tissue culture. I've recently gotten my first batch of nepenthes seeds into the culture vessels. 48 hours later there is a pool of fluid on top of the agar. The seeds appear to be floating on the liquid. I can't find anything about excess moisture in any of the texts I've been learning from. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is it too late to ...
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Ideal long term storage temperature for tissue culture? Ideal long term storage temperature for tissue culture?

I have been looking into preserving some of my plants genetics by using tissue culture. Over time they develop issues such as hermaphroditic traits, and slow rooting times. I believe that this is caused from the decline in the health of my Mother plants.

My plan is to purchase a wine fridge because it will control humidity, and temperature. There are two types. Normal refrigerators and “silent” fridges that are thermoelectric. The thermoelectric version is ...
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New here! Starting with Nepenthes in vitro

Hi. I am new here. I am coming from the orchid world. I do have a small TC lab in Bogotá and I am just starting with CPs. I Hope to learn a lot from you.
All the best!ImageImageImageImageImage

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Drosera intermedia & D. filiformis

Plants of three months from explant (Murashige and Skoog 1/3 with 2% sucrose). I still have a strange and and inexplicable fall of pH in the substrate after one day, but I'm handling it with an increase during preparation.

D. intermedia

D. filiformis

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