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I have growth! Help?

I suppose I didn't think about this part. I put a bunch of different drosera seeds in ms. They've finally sprouted into little babies. When do I transfer these over to peat or lfsm?ImageImage

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Any one know of any ppm suppliers in the uk

Iv finally got my lamina flow cabinet after a couple of years messing trying to build one
I bought a well priced she'll with pre filters but no hepas in
After I contacted the manufacturers who are not far away the filter was quoted at over 500 pounds it's 4ft by 2ft
Anyway good old alibaba maybe the quality is not as good even though the specs seem the same but iv had various quotes ...
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My DIY TC memo


sterilization seeds

seedling on the media

after 6 months from germination

fatal contamination but not dead
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Where to buy fresh nepenthes seeds forTC?

I bought nepenthes seeds from ebay sellers some times.
But some of them never germinated.

I think following conditions are bad sellers.
/European sellers
/Small amount of seeds like 5~10seeds
/sells all the year
Not to mention about Chinese or Hong Kong sellers fake seeds.
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TC issues


I'm new to TC, I started with Dionaea leaves, Drosera capensis leaves and Nepenthes seeds.
I sterilized leaves and seeds with 4% PPM for 12-16 h and I plated them, without rinse, inside a glovebox sprayed with 70% ethanol (and left standing for 40 min) on this medium:
- 1/4 MS (+ 1/4 vitamins)
- 30 g/L sucrose
- 5.5 g agar
- 1 mg/L 6-BAP
- 1 mL/L PPM
pH regulated to 5.6. ...
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Storage question

I was wondering. If I were to make multiplication media, and only use half of it, can I store the rest? I would go all the way, sterilizing and etc. The bottles would then stay closed for probably up to a month. I would then open them briefly to insert seeds and then close them back up. How else I store that, if it can be stored? I ask this because it is a bit ...
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N rajah in vitro

Hi all.
I am looking for N rajah in vitro
I can buy or trade with another plant in vitro.
Thanks and best regards
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2nd attempt to TC after 15 years Accident

Hi all,

I am at my second attempt to TC after 15 years. First one was a TERRIBLE fail (details in my forum intro )

I am creating a very cheap, plastic hood with small blower an Hepa filter (for vaccum cleaner).

I have been reading Matt’s post and all the information here in the forum about TC but some links look to be outdated and I want to be sure I am not ...
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Sarracenia Tissue Culture

I have been trying to induce callus in S. minor okeefenokee giant and hurricane c x self. I am using 1/2 MS, half vitamins, and 5 mg/L BAP. They have been looking like this for about 2 months. Why won’t they form calli?
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Free tissue culture mix

Hey guys, I'm just starting to do tissue culture. I need some media but I can't buy so much because I just need about 500 ml of media. If anyone can provide me with a media mix enough for 500 ml, that would be awesome. It would be great if you can give me some agar too. Thank you
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