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Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light

Got one for sale brand new and boxed £330 collection preferred from Leeds however can arrange shipping

Pricey for a LED grow light but some members have used these lights with huge satisfaction and success
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looking cephalotus...

HI guys im looking cephalotus what is not on my list EU or UK oe Usa if u want send to EU.
rare clones must have good back hystori,or plants with location :

my list :

Cephalotus follicularis:

01 - Cephalotus follicularis "Typical" (2011 David Svarc)

02 - Cephalotus follicularis "Giant" (2011 Andreas Wistuba)

03 - Cephalotus follicularis "German giant" (2011 David Svarc)

04 - Cephalotus follicularis "Big boy" (2012 Koen Van der Veken)

05 ...
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VFT for sale


I currently have the following Dionaea available for sale.

Adentate (2cm) £9
Akai Ryu (4cm) £4
Alien (1.5-2cm) £8
All Red Fused (3cm) £7
Angel Wings (1.5-2cm) £8
B52 (3cm) £6
Basking Shark (2cm) - £8
Basmati (1.5cm) - £9
Big Mouth (4cm) £4
Big Teeth Red Giant (3-4cm) - £6
Bimbo (3-4cm) £5
Bloody Shark (2cm) £9
Booman's Mutant (1.5cm) - £9
Bristle Tooth (2cm) £4
Brutal Shark (2-3cm) £6
BZ Razorback (2cm) ...
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VFT for sale

Been reporting and have few plants for sale
All green have 4 of these
Big mouth 4 of these
Bohemian Garnet 3 diff sizes
Moon Trap
Have them on EBay at moment if want to see pics
Also pre mix soil 5 part moss 3 part sand 2 perlite
Thanks :D
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I need Nepenthes seeds

I have bought cheap Nepenthes seeds from ebay and Aliexpress and they were fake. Got my money back when I disputed. Sadly, no one checks the seeds, especially with Nepenthes, they are always completely different shape and size.

Now, I'm asking for seed photos before I buy and I rarely receive an answer. I was thinking about buying seeds from all of them, and then open a dispute, but I don't think that would make ...
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Selling various Mexican Pinguicula

Hey there,

After a lot of thinking I've decided to sell my collection of Mexican Pinguicula. Where I currently live does not provide enough direct lighting for them to be healthy, and where I will be moving to at the end of April has no windowsills or directly lit areas; artificial lighting will not be financially feasible once I get married so it makes sense to re-home the plants now, before they start to deteriorate ...
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Noob - starter plants Noob - starter plants

Hi Everyone
First post so please be kind.
If this is in the wrong section please delete.

For 40 something years I have been fascinated by these plants, but each one I have ever bought has only lasted a few days, so inevitably given up as a bad job...
My wife purchased a plant from gardening world, I have replanted in hopefully the correct medium and watered with rain water. But seem to be loosing ...
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... hoping fingers crossed ..


Am trying to obtain a division of Sarracenia 'God's Gift' H-1-MK
tried every where to no avail

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Anyone From EU Throwing Away seeds? Please don't... :)

Anyone from EU has too many carnivorous plant seeds? I'd love to plant them, I'm just starting to explore this hobby.
Thanks and regards!
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Tissue cultures in EU Tissue cultures in EU

Hi everybody,

I am looking for cultures like cephalotus 'hummer's giant', sarracenia 'Scarlet belle' or 'jutathip soper', nepenthes bloody mary, x ventrata or similar.

If you have what I need or interesting cultures, please send me a pm. I can send you vft (15-20 different clones), sarracenia, nepenthes x hookeriana or thorelli, sundew...

All the best
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