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Questions, answers and comments about various growing environments and propagation and fertilization techniques for Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants

Renewable food source terrarium build

Hey, everybody!
This is my first post here so do let me know if Im doing anything wrong.
Ive been growing sundews and butterworts for about a year now. When I first got them, fungus gnats around my houseplants provided more than enough food to go around but now, probably because of the cold weather, food has been more scarce. I know that there are alternatives to wild food for pings and Drosera but I ...
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I'm going to give tc a go see if I can get anything to grow besides mold lol being disabled this will give me something to do with my time. So I'm looking for supplies needed to get started so being on a budget I thought I'd see if any of you have anything I could purchase to try and save some cash?
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U. pubescens seed starting

I just harvested about 10 seeds of U. pubescens and was thinking about trying to germinate them. Any general advice for starting Utrics from seed in general or specific to pubescens out there? Water germination work?
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Help getting started with TC

I'm looking to learn to do some with TC first starting to try it with some seeds I have. I'm disabled so money is kinda tight right now so can't afford everything I need so I was wondering if someone could make up a few sterile containers ready to go with some media in them I could purchase so all I have to do is prep seeds and put them into the culture. I know ...
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Ostracod Cultures

Hey guys!

Since I've recently started adding some aquatic carnivorous plants to my collection, I've also decided to begin a sustainable live food culture for indoor feeding until Spring. Does anyone here maintain a culture of these? I have a small colony living in my water trays and I'm going to try and begin a separate culture specifically for aquatic indoor feedings.
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Nepenthes T5 Lighting

Could someone please help me out and answer my question specifically about nepenthes and T5 HO lighting. Thanks!

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Drosera medium issue

I'm having issues with some of my Drosera cultures, most of them germinate and grow pretty well but then start to decline and die after few months. Two D.neocaledonica (germinated on this medium) died in few days after replating (they were on the same media before) but the others continued to grow well for a bit. Now they are starting to get yellow, then brown and die.
I received D.chrysolepis already on a medium ...
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FWIW: 8-pack 100W Daylight lamps for $9.99

If anyone is looking to pick up some very inexpensive LED lamps, Menards has a sale on them.

Zilotek 8-pack 100W Daylight LEDs for $9.99.
Light output is 1600 lumens.
They are also available in Warm White color.
Sale ends Jan 4th, 2020. ... 769931.htm

I'm going to pick up an 8-pack or two.
I have no financial interest in Menards and am not getting anything from them ...
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Byblis Aquatica seed surprise

Purchased some Byblis Aquatica seeds, opened them up and.. surprise! Question for you fine folks..

Do these look like they’ve already sprouted? I was going to start with only one with water germination experiment, but I’m thinking I may need to go ahead and plant if they are already sprouted.

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How to make greenhouse strong in heavy winds

Hey guys, I’ve been growing my plants in this cheap greenhouse for 2 years, and it’s done my plants beautifully. I have moved it to a better spot for better lighting. However, heavy winds sent the greenhouse airborne and everything fell. Despite wiring the greenhouse to the fence through handles at the top, the wind still sent the greenhouse flying from the bottom. I had a few bricks at the bottom, obviously not enough to ...


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