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New to Heliamphora- Should I Bag New Arrivals?

Hi everyone, it has been ages since I have last posted here. I recently got my roommate to allow me to set up some LED grow lights so I have been slowly collecting some new carnivores.

I recently won a few ebay auctions and will be getting some new Heliamphora. They are set to be delivered later today. Both were advertised as established divisions that had new growth and are being shipped potted. I saw ...
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Sarracenia Flower Pod

Back in December (2019) I found a few of the death cubes on sale. Most have had a small amount of growth since replanting, but one has decided to do something a little different.
This is the growth point, the flower stalk is out of focus

Here is a picture of the top of the flower stalk.

And another closeup of the top.
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Starting sarracenia from seeds under different light sources

Hello everyone! I'll be documenting growing pitcher plants from seed under different light sources in this thread. First up I'll start with Ace Grows' 45w led light. This light is what's referred to as a blurple led grow light. It has a pinkish purple color.

The light looks well designed, it's lightweight and despite being 45w it's very bright. It doesnt produce much heat at all. Seedlings have just begun to germinate and I have ...
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Nepenthes Care Problems

I recently got this nepenthes lowii around 2 weeks ago and I went on vacation on Monday. I messaged a neighbor to take pics of the plants today and I think there are issues with this nepenthes. There are some weird spots on the crown and some leaves are turning brown. I got this plant 2 weeks ago and last week there was some low humidity around 40-60% and I put the plant in around ...
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N x splendiana x (sibuyanensis x ventricosa)

I obtained this plant from a SNW open house in 2018. I believe it was a mother plant because there where many places where the vines were cut. From the pics SNW provided on their website, it look like a really junky monotype brown-pitchered nep hybrid- ... /36332.htm. Sarracenia Northwest doesn't even have description for it! In my experience this is far, far from a junky nep hybrid. ...
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I'm very dismayed to report the disappearance of hundreds of Sarracenia purpurea from a bog in a well-known, public nature trail and boardwalk within the Greenwood Wildlife Management Area in Ocean County, NJ. This site was one of the best places to observe many rare, native species of Pinelands bog flora growing together in a protected habitat, including numerous species of carnivorous plants. The public nature of this site has made the appreciation of this ...

Cephalotus dying??

Hi guys, unfortunately, my cephalotus isn’t looking too good for summer. It was doing beautifully in spring, but now, it’s stopped growing, hanging onto its last yellow leaf and pitcher. Any advice? Here’s some photos. The growth centre looks brown. Hope it isn’t rhizome rot

As for care, it sits in full sun with my flytraps in tray of water, but is inside of another pot for elevation. That way, it’s not sitting in too ...
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Which sarracenia to choose??

Hello everyone, I’d like to know what you’d choose

I am making an order. This is what I have in mind for my list:

Flava var Rugelii green veins
Leucophylla x willisii
Leucophylla Ruby Joyce
Purpurea Venosa

I can make three new purchases. I’ve got Flava rubricorpora and Leucophylla Ruby Joyce locked in

I also want to get another sarracenia to make 7 in total, but I’m conflicted between psittacina giant and Flava ...
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Sarracenia not entering dormancy

Hi, got a ton of sarracenia and venus fly that are outside. It is December and while I don't see any new growth there seems like there is not sign of it going dormant beside some of the older pitchers drying up along with venus fly are still green and growing new leaves. I saw growers say most of their plants already went dormant. I am in zone 10a and while it doesn't snow or ...
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Pitcher plant has no lids on the cup

Hi my pitcher plant was growing well. It has increased 4 times in size and has large cups on it. The latest lot have no lids (they did before). Any ideas?
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