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Black spots - something is killing my Sarracenia seedlings Black spots - something is killing my Sarracenia seedlings

I started using neem oil a few days ago. I don't know if I applied it properly.
I sprayed it while it was raining. And I actually sprayed it again a 2nd time the next day. I was told to spray before rain or at night. IDK
Does the neem oil need to stick to the pitchers?
This is highly concentrated 70% neem oil.

The black spots get worse after ...
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My cobra lily setup with recirculating water

I've had a cobra lily for about two weeks so I am in no way recommending this setup. I am simply sharing what I've found so far.

I read about several cobra lily setups in which a pump recirculated water into the container and/or tray, attempting to keep temperatures down and to mimic the natural conditions in which they grow. It sounded cool so I made one of these setups as follows:

cobralily_setup.png ...
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Sarracenia not fully forming, turning brown

For my birthday back at the beginning of July, one of my friends bought me a pitcher plant (S. Areolata). When I got it, it had one small pitcher that was blocked and another smaller pitcher that was still growing. I repotted it into a small plastic container with the same mix of peat and coarse grain sand that I used on my other carnivorous plants. It grew two new traps, but both have turned ...
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Sarracenia Soil Deliberation Sarracenia Soil Deliberation

Hello all! This may well be a stupid question, but I am feeling a bit desperate here. I really need to repot a Sarracenia that I received as a gift a few months back (it is HUGE and still in a starter pot). But I am a bit short on CP soil, and having just moved, I can't figure out where the heck to buy more. (Side note: I will get some more soil in ...
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My really red purpurea

I went outside early this morning to water before work, and I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or what but I never noticed how bright red my two little purpurea have gotten. I know it’s not uncommon for them to be solid red but most I have seen have been more of a purple-red or maroon color. This is the first time they have really colored up, last year they remained the standard green ...
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Butterflies enjoying a meal

Got a ton of these guys flying around feeding on my Sarracenia (and vice versa). Anyone know what kind of butterflies these are?
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Incoming darlingtonia!

As hard as I may try, I can't seem to stop buying carnivorous plants even though space is running low. The most recent order has been a cobra lily! I have no experience with them and know they're supposed to be tricky, but the challenge should be fun.

Plan so far is to plant it in LFS with a handful of perlite, likely with a top dressing of live sphagnum. I'm leaning towards growing it ...
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Enough light on shaded porch?

Hi guys, have a question about growing my Sarracenia bog on my front porch. It currently grows in full direct sun with nothing but leaves covering it in shade late in the day. I want to move it the edge of my front porch for space reasons. The porch has about 5-6 hours of full sun from the side. Would it get enough light if it is on the edge of the porch with about ...
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Larvae inside Pitcher plant water

My plants are kept outside. When checking them today I noticed small larvae swimming in the water inside the pitcher plant. Maybe mosquito? Will they die or what should I do?
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Cephalotus - to pot or not to pot?


I recently received this tiny little pot of cephalotus, and I really want to move it into a bigger pot. I am wondering, however, if I should leave it alone for a few weeks, since it just went through the stress of shipping and is in an environment that is probably dissimilar to the one it came from. I would like to put it in a bigger home where it ...
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