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Hibiscus calyphyllus — Lemon Rosemallow

This is an uncommon, hardy hibiscus from Africa. My neighborhood dipped to 17°F a couple years ago, and a plant of this in the ground came back.

This plant grows great around here in dappled shade and stays pretty small — it doesn’t get more than a couple feet tall and wide. Unlike tropical hibiscus or many of the hardy US-native ones, the flowers on lemon rosemallow aren’t gigantic — but they’re still maybe 3" ...
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looking for orchid ID and care help

OK years ago my mom got a flower pot from a yard sale it was filled with media and a orchid sprouted and she repotted it in potting soil and it has staggered on for over 10years in potting soil. I got it from her and put it in a nepenthes mix and it has started to grow. I am keeping it outside in shade and plan to bring it back inside in like 3 ...
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Devil's Claw Photos

Proboscidea parviflora is a species of plant commonly called a Devil's Claw.

It's interesting to me because it grows stalked stalked glands like a Sundew, it attracts and kills prey like a Sundew, but it doesn't produce the enzymes to digest its captured carcasses.

It is considered to be proto-carnivorous, on its way to carnivory but who knows?
Indiscriminate insect slaughter will certainly reduce damage from leaf-chomping creepy-crawlers.
And the plant may not benefit directly ...
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What desert plants are these?

I got 7 desert plants in one pot because I want to grow non carnivorous plants, can anyone identify them?
I know one of them is a cactus but what about the other 6.

Also what kind of cactus?
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Most awesome types of live sphagnum?

I'm currently growing green and red sphagnum. It took a while to figure out how to get the red moss to turn red and grow well. The green moss grows fast, grows easily, and has large and fluffy heads while the red moss has small heads, grows slowly, and can turn a really nice shade dark red of given enough light. They're both cool in their own way.

I keep reading about other types of ...
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Tomato plant

So my grandmother bought me some tomato plant seeds, I didn’t have any potting soil so I mixed peat moss with perlite, my grandmother will help me fertilize it later today, will my plant be fine or will it die in the peat moss, fertilized or not, I read somewhere that peat moss mixed with perlite is good for tomato plants, I followed all the instructions, will my plant be fine?
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Sphagnum moss heat damage

I placed my sphagnum moss in a dome in a very shaded area however during a very hot day all of the moss turned white like the dead stuff you buy at the store. The drosera intermedia also got some heat damage. Is it possible for the colony to recover and grow new growth pointsImage
or is it gone of good

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bananaman’s Cactus Seed Log

I decided that I wanted to try my hand at growing some of the Echinocereus native to the Edward’s Plateau because they’ve got awesome flowers, nice looking stems, and can be grown outside all year here without worry (because I’m on the eastern edge of the plateau).

They grow relatively fast from seed and can bloom after only a few years, so I picked up some seed from Mesa Garden with location data: E. coccineus ...
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What is you favorite plant species?

What the name says.

Mine is either Amorphophallus titanum, Broccinia reducta, Drosera adelae, Drosera capensis, or welwitschia mirabilis.
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Desmodium gyrans

Has anyone tried to grow these? I have the seedlings come up but after a few months they just wither and die even though i havent changed their care at all.
Any tips?
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