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Is it moss???

I noticed this growing in several pots of seedlings I have going...I'm no expert but it looks kinda like sphagnum moss to me. Anyone have an ID for this? I'm bamboozled. I can't imagine sphagnum spores surviving in the peat, but maybe it's more resilient than I realese.

...I've been meaning to start growing sphagnum after all...


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do you grow this surprising genus from africa , south and central america ?

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Is it sphagnum moss?

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ant plant


do you cultivate these species?

rubiaceae: hydnophytum,myrmecodia,myrmephytum,squamellaria,anthorrhiza
ant fern : solanopteris ; lecanopteris
ant dischidia

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bananaman’s Ferns

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here because I’ve been quite busy lately. I haven’t had as much time with my carnivores and have lagged behind on lots of projects. I’m a bit of a compulsive plant propagate, so I have done some non-carnivore projects.

One group of plants I’ve found interesting for a long time is ferns. They’re among the oldest lineages of plants, but like the angiosperms, much of their ...
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Jello again it's me that vaguely annoying guy with alot of names! Anyways I require your fern knowledge. I currently have 2 ferns with me and in completely bedazzled at there care guides. So I'm going to ask for your assistance. Any tips of the trade are welcome
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Jealous much ;)

My indoor arboretum
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my indoor tomatoe plants

hey there,
so a wile back I started some tomatoes in the grow tent,
there finally starting to produce,
growing without a cage this time.
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Cornelian Cherry: Cornus mas

Cornelian cherries are dogwoods with edible, cherry like fruit. They have some of the hardest wood available, are decorative and slow growing. Early on, about 25 years ago, I became interested in them and grew multiple varieties in pots since I was renting and knew I might have to move them. Over time, I learned that it just didn't work well to try to grow trees in pots. I would forget to water and they ...
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I have rare amorphophallus!

I like bragging with my gigas and titanum seedlings.
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