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Does anyone have any type of carnivorous plant they don't wa

Does anyone have a sundew, vft, neps, or trumpet pitchers they don't want any more, that I can have for a price of free, meaning free plants? Any seeds would also work, email me at or text me at 512-213-9741 if you do and I will email or text you back immediately, let me know! Or let me know in this forum please!!!

snap em up!!!
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Bcp order

Welp, shop for bcp is open again. I have a lot of work so I prob won’t be able to lead, but I can participate. Anyone willing to join?
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Future BCP Order 2019

Hi, BCP is opening in a month. I am willing to participate (not host) in a group order. Any 1 planning to order this April?
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(US) Wistuba Group Order

Hi all,
I was wondering if there was any interest in a small Wistuba group order, just to cut down on shipping costs. Please respond to this thread to indicate interest. Thanks,
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Hey guys, On behalf of brightlightcps and I am here to present a possibly bcp group order. We will be covering CITES protected plants most likely. We are in the process of obtaining level two membership of usda e authorization, so we should not have to wait too long. The interest form will be linked below. My instagram is @blucksyplants if you guys have any questions. I may cap this order at a certain ...
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BCP interest (US)

Kamil says he will release the pricelist soon. Anyone interested? I myself cannot host the group order due to school, but maybe someone else can
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US Group Order Question

I'm not sure where to put this, but it has to do with group orders and money in the USA. The question is; if I organize a group order will I get taxed by the IRS and the state of California on the money that people send me to order their plants. I know it isn't income, but the gov't might not agree with me on this.
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I will be ordering from BCP in the next couple of days.. I am looking for 2-4 people that are interested in joining my order. If you are interested please contact me via PM for more details. I do not want to facilitate a huge order of plants that's why I am only asking for a few people that can have their order and money ready fairly quickly.
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(US) Wistubia group order - Spring 2017

Hey, just wanted to see if there was any interest in getting a Wistubia order together for the spring of this year.

I have never ordered from them, but wanted to see if there was any interest in attempting to secure some plants from them.

Thanks all!
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Alright guys I missed the last few group orders cause I was saving up and just got busy. I'm going to order stuff from wistuba, they don't have much on they're site but I'm interested in neps they do still have. I've never done a group order but I'd be willing to do this right now so that way I'll be better prepped for the spring updates on websites. If anyone wants to join in ...
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