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Trivia giveaway!

Rules: I will post a completely random trivia question, and the first person to answer correctly gets 1 point. I will ask 10 questions. The person with the most correct answers will win their choice of an aldrovanda green form, a drosera intermedia “nj pine barrens” clump of 5 plants, or an entire bag of green live sphagnum moss.
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Easy Pay It Forward Giveaway

Up for grabs are 1 Drosera burmanii 'Humpy Doo', 1 Drosera capensis 'typical', 1 Drosera adelae, 1 Pinguicula X 'Aphrodite' and 1 Pinguicula lusitanica. This is offered as a pay it forward to recognize Mike for his efforts on all of our behalf and whose efforts through the Forum seed bank have significantly expanded my cp knowledge and collection.

I reserve the right to make a substitution or add additional plants to the list but ...
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Name the Ping Giveaway

Name the pings in the photos below. PM me with your answers.

-All plants are on my growlist
-Only species and named cultivars. No other hybrids are pictured
-Ping expertise not required; You're welcome to use Google or CPPhotofinder

-Winner is the first to correctly identify all pings pictured or whomever submits the most correct guesses by the deadline. In the event of a tie, whoever submits the most correct guesses first wins ...
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Surreal - I think it's watching me

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Back for now

Decided to unlock my account after locking myself out last year due to too many failed login attempts. Sorry for all of the unanswered messages in the inbox all, but I wasnt here. I'm usually on FB most of the time. Hope to reconnect with old friends if there are any prowling the forums anymore. Cheers
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Alright my CP addicts, I’m back and making my presence known!!

As many of you may have experienced in your first years of growing, I had a dip in my focus on these plants the end of last year (2018). Not that I didn’t love them, I was just overwhelmed with what I accumulated and life outside plants took hold so nature plucked out the “weaker” ones.

I am left with quite a variable collection ...
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Flaming Lips X DC XL Seed Giveaway

In celebration of my first successful seed harvest I am giving away 15 of the seeds from my FTS Flaming Lips X DC XL cross. The contest will be to guess the temperature of Traverse City, MI at 5pm EDT (or 1653 EDT when the station usually reports) on Sat August 24th. I will be using the NWS web page that shows the 3 day history at Cherry Capital Airport. ...
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I forgot to water my dang plants!

Uhh I came back from school today only to find that I should have watered my plants this morning. My Flytraps are okay, but all of my Sarracenia look ghastly. I'm not afraid that they're dead or anything, I've had this happen before, they're tough. I'm just angry because I know they're going to be set back up until next spring.

I've been so busy with school rolling around that I don't have the time ...
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from the USPS with "Tender, Loving Care"....

So a very generous soul on another forum sent me a micro-mini orchid of which he had an extra. This is the box it came in:

I strongly suspect the box was originally cube-shaped. Amazingly enough, the plant was -- though a bit dry -- okay.
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I'm sure most everybody here is familiar with above site and I hope the guy who did it is still active and also present here.

Anyway this is a shout-out to him. You really helped me learn a lot about sundews and I love the youtube videos and channel. I still check it out from time to time. Probably seen most the vids multiple times. Keep enhancing what you have done. It is a valuable ...
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