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Got a carnivorous plant and you don't know what it is? Ask here!

Drosera ID?

I found this sundew growing with my Drosera Binata, can anyone identify it?
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This has been bothering me all summer,  Sarr identity? This has been bothering me all summer, Sarr identity?

So I have no idea what kind of Sarr this is. At first I thought it was a Rubra but it looked different to the one I used to have (curse you fungus gnats!), so then I thought it was okefenokee but, the lid is different. I then saw bug bat and thought it was that but then I saw red bug who also looks similar. Don't mind it's current state, I trimmed off all ...
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Help what nepenthes is this?

I understand there are various types of nepenthes, could someone tell me what this is, so I can see what it’s needs are and better care for it. Thank you
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Drosera ID please

Have some Drosera growing in a pot noy aire if they are capillaris or spatulata. Flowers are pink and they are flowering non stop.ImageImage

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Possible Hamata Hybrid?

Anyone have an idea of what this hybrid could be? It was sold to me as nigra x hamata but I’m possibly suspecting a pure nigra or even tentaculata?
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Mystery Nepenthes

Hi all,

Bought this Nep from an old lady who isn’t a CP enthusiast, but has this one plant she propagates from. I’ve no idea what it is, any ideas?
First two photos are mine, the last one is one she sent me from her mature plant, although the lighting looks a bit suspect.

Thanks in advance



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Most likely a weed, but...


It came in with my Albino Capes last year. I've pulled some out, not a lot, but it keeps hanging around. It really isn't spreading aggressively, pretty lazy actually.
Like the title says, most likely a weed, but I'm hoping it may be a Utric. I won't be too upset if it isn't, but I can dream.
Thanks for your 2 cents.
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Can anyone ID this?

This guy grows in between my D. x Hybrida .. Intermedia or something else? Is the seed viable?


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What sarracenia is it? ID help needed

My first ever carnivorous plant! Can anyone help with identifying it?
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Mixed seeds, how many leaves to proper ID?

So, about how many leaves/what size could I expect to know what’s sprouted? I have a dozen or more seedlings from a mix of ten types (my hopes aren’t high all ten varieties will grow). Thanks for any help!
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