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Review of My Green Obsession (Etsy seller)

Over the weekend I decided I was finally going to live up to my username and actually get a Drosera adelae. This Etsy shop had the best price after some cursory googling so I gave them a try.


Holy crap this is a well-packaged sundew. I swear there's even a little dew still left on the leaves. It arrived in just under three days and they included a heat ...
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Urantia Carnivores?

I stumbled across this website when searching for petiolaris sundews. I can't find much about them online. Anybody here ordered form them?
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Native Exotics

Friendliness: 10/10
Price: 7/10 for availability, considering they have very rare nepenthes for NA

Overall this supplier is amazing and I have loved them for the past few months of ordering from them. They restock their plants very often and have a selection of gorgeous nepenthes to choose from. I also ordered a drosera schizandra that was carefully wrapped up in sphagnum and covered with another pot. Going to continue buying ...
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Blue Ridge Exotics - Review

I stumbled across this east coast seller and was very happy with my orders and wanted to do a review. They don't sell a lot of CP's but they do sell a few of the more common ones. I got two Nepenthes and two Sarracenia, all four plants are very large and well established, and i have never seen such detail in packaging for plants. i would recommend Blue Ridge Exotics for your 1st Nepenthes ...
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USA Supplier Reviews from a new CP Grower

I have started a small collection of carnivorous plants over the last year and wanted to share my experience buying from different vendors. This may be helpful for anyone looking for CPs, but I hope this is especially useful for new CP growers and enthusiasts. I will speak to my time buying from these sites, knowing other people have had different experiences with the same vendors. More detailed information to follow, but I have in ...
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Review Of CuriousPlant

Packaging: plants were ordered bare root and arrived very healthy. They took a lot of care in wrapping the roots in papertowels and putting them into separate small cups with towels over the leaves for protection.

Plants: I think they arrived very healthy, they were well established sundews that were mature and looked very beautiful. I’m starting to think if they turn out well these guys will be my new go to sundew spot.
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CC review

Because CA Carnivores has an excellent reputation I have purchased multiple times from them. However, I have come to realize that their plants aren’t as amazing as I thought they would be.

First, I have noticed that their peat mix is mucky. There is barely any perlite in the peat, and the peat itself is like clay. They use perlite because it reduces the shipping weight. However there is so little perlite that I don’t ...
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Darwin's Atelier? Is it legit?

I was looking around for some South American sundews and Darwin's Atelier popped up. It looks like it has some good deals, but I can't find any reviews on it. Has anybody bought from Darwin's Atelier before?
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What ever happened to My Carnivore?

IRRC, they used to sell carnivorous plants in a little terrarium, all the plants were characters with names, (for example, Seymour the Fly Trap,) and they also used to sell dead flies to feed to carnivorous plants. I tried looking for them earlier, and it seems like they flat out disappeared off the face of the Earth. Does anybody have any clue where they went?
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AK Carnivores review

Hello all.

Just wanted to post a quick review.

Late last year I ordered some seeds from their Etsy store.

Packaging was great. Germination rate was low. Only 3 seedlings sprouts out of 20+ (Drosera spathulata). Only 1 has survived. The other 2 died after not growing past the first few leaves.

Contacted the owners and they sent a replacement pack of seeds.

After a little more than a month the replacement pack has only ...
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