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By Josu
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So, I got a Nepenthes a few weeks ago, N. mirabilis x viking to be more specific. I heard that red leaves are a sign of sunburn, but I've also read that some species are naturally reddish in color. Is mirabilis x viking one of those? Someone from Reddit also told me that mirabilis and vikings grow in open areas and told me that they like full sun all day. I let it sit in sunlight from 7 - 11 am, the rest is shade. I live in SEA so I'm worried that it might bee too hot midday. BTW, got it from a seller who's only a few KM away.
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By That one plant boi
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There seems to be a bit of burn on the older leaves, but it mostly looks like a case of natural reddening due to an abundance of light.
Nepenthes will take some direct sun, but make sure it isn't receiving it all day directly, else you really want a crispy plant, especially when it's hot.

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