New Species in Seed Bank, New Donation

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New Species in Seed Bank, New Donation

by Shadowtski » Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:24 am

Thank you to Secretariat73!
Their Seed Bank donation arrived today.
The Seed Bank is 100% dependent on donors to stay afloat.
Thanks to all of them for their sense of community!!!

These seeds are immediately available to members of the donors group.
They are available for request from general membership on 1/17/2019.

Class 1
D. capensis "Red" - 5 packets

Class 2
S. leucophylla "AJ01" x self - 10 packets
S. moorei "Leah Wilkerson" x S. "Judith Hindle" - 8 packets
S. "Judith Hindle" x S. moorei "Leah Wilkerson" - 5 packets
S. purpurea venosa x self (Tattnall Co., GA) - 1 packet

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CpKid, hollyhock, Matt, xanthoparmelia

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