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By mimitchi

i got a nepenthes yesterday and i was wondering if anyone could help me identify what kind it is so i can take care of it properly!

the only information i have about it is it says " asian pitcher plant" on the tag which isn't very helpful. it's quite a small plant as well so i don't know if it's too soon/early to identify it, but i'll include pictures.

for now i leave it by my window in indirect sunlight and i put it by my humidifier at night. i heard its good to mist the pitchers once in a while too. is this all okay? i also bought a bigger pot for it and some soil (promix premium potting mix).
the ingredients are:
canadian sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and/or composted forest products, coco fibre, perlite, lime, controlled release fertilizer and GHA297 (mycorhizes Glomus intraradices). i was unsure about the fertilizer bit.. it was the only bag of soil at the store i went to that seemed ok. i think its a better idea to get some sphagnum moss and perlite this weekend to be safe

thanks in advance for any help or advice !
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By Copper2
Maybe it’s a nepenthes ventricosa? I would get the long fiber sphagnum. FTS has some good LFS. Avoid the fertilizer. Use reverse osmosis or distilled water. Bright light, but can burn in direct sun. Past this, I don’t know much about nepenthes.

Welcome to the forum!
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By javaliz59
Welcome to the forum! Nepenthes are my thing! Looks like you have a Nepenthes Ventricosa which is a good beginner plant.

Still there are a few good things to keep in mind:
1. Regarding your potting mix, I'd recommend New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss (aka NZ LFSM). This is not the Sphagnum Moss sold at your local nursery. LFSM is usually sold in bricks. I've recently started including perlite to the LFSM. I've heard others include orchid bark. I personally haven't. Do not use premixed potting soil, do not use soil fertilizer. They will kill your plant.

LFSM keeps your Nepenthes damp without water logging it. I use a pump sprayer and overhead water with distilled water twice daily. Make sure your planter has good drainage. They hate wet feet.

2. Lighting: I would personally recommend indoors under grow lights unless you're lucky enough to have access to a greenhouse. They need plenty of light. I recommend T5 LED full spectrum lighting which is not too pricey. I found these T5 30W 2ft long lights at Amazon for $32.99. Monios-L LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 30W 2ft T5 High Output Integrated Fixture with Reflector Combo for Indoor Plants ... OCb1PSEN0Z

I made my light stand using 3/4" PVC pipe pretty much like this but just taller and only long enough for 2ft light.
I turn my lights on at dawn and off at shorter in the Winter and longer in the Summer. I follow nature.

3. About temperature: Neps are tropical but N. Ventricosa is a Highland Nepenthes and is found around 3,200-6,500 ft. Regarding proper temperature, my rule of thumb is if I'm comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, my Nepenthes' are comfy naked. Daytime temperatures should be around 75°F give or take. Nighttime temperatures may drop into the 60's. 

So again, welcome. You'll learn a lot. But have fun with it and enjoy the journey too.

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