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By DeadlyCarnivore
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Hello, I dont know what I should do right now.... I checked on my D. Squamosa x Collina today and, what do ya know? THREE MORE plants have sprouted up out of the soil! Two just as big as the current plant that hasnt died back yet and a 3rd, tiny sprout. Being a tuberous dew, they are supposed to go dormant pretty soon... So what do I dew??(Haha, I'm hilarious, everybody laugh!)

In all seriousness, what should I do? I am planning on just keeping it out of dormancy, but that worries me because the first original plant died back after a 2nd one shot up, and I expect the current one to die back soon after these 3 new ones open.... Wont the tubers that were created from the plants that died back, rot? Or is it not creating tubers but instead using that energy to grow new plants? I dont think I keep the pot too wet, but it still worries me. Can someone help, please?

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