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Nepenthes Ventrata - rotten roots ?

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 3:48 pm
by Patrick257
Hi all, :)

I want to know your opinion what to do. I think is too late to the rescue plant. I don't have good conditions for cultivation nepenthes but i tried anyway with hybrid (Ventrata). On some forums I read Ventrata don't has big requirements for growing on west oriented window sill.

My condition:
Environment: indoors on the window sill, west side oriented, no terrarium
Soil: Long fiber Sphagnum moss, watering with distilled water - from top (pot don't stay in water)
Light: winter day light / no direct sun

Until the winter was no problem. I expect due to less sunlight and cold temperatures the nepenthes will not growing new pitchers, but will survive only with leafs. I reduce watering during winter time.

1 month ago on bottom leafs appears brown dots. A few days later was this leaf all brown and next leaf had same brown dots. I didn't panic because I thought it is normal due to lack of sunlight and colder temperature. Currently, half of leafs are dried and what's worse the top leafs blackened (doesn't produce new leafs). Seems to gradually brown the stem from below to top.

After searching seems to be:
- rotten roots (I think use only Sphagnum moss was not good idea holding too much water. I don't mix soil with perlit or other stuff)
- generally unsuitable conditions during winter (combination of less light, west window, cold temperatures with wet soil, no humidity)

Could you look at photos what I take and let me know if it is worth to report nepenthes to new soil or try to stem cutting from top or can't be saved. Today i take away from old soil to see roots, but I can't recognize if they are rooten :) . They are only black. I only find the new growing white stem. I planted to new soil with more air mixture ( Sphagnum moss, perlit, polystyrene, bark, peat).

Thanks in advance for all feedback.
regards, Patrick

Re: Nepenthes Ventrata - rotten roots ?

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:02 pm
by Panman
Yep, root rot. I've done this to my ventrata a couple of times. At this point I have cut off the stem where it starts to brown, stick it in a pot of sphagnum, and keep it in a ziplock bag. Obviously, since I've already done this a few times, I'm not an expert at growing neps.

Re: Nepenthes Ventrata - rotten roots ?

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 6:19 pm
by Nepenthes0260
Like Panman said, the roots are rotted. I'd repot it into a mix higher in perlite and water less frequently.

Also, that looks like a ventricosa, not a Ventrata. Ventricosas tend to have more strap-like leaves while Ventrata leaves bulge a bit at the ends. It may be a bit too cold, generally that's what causes browning from the top of the growth point for me.