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By Marcos Alexandre
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Joined:  Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:58 pm
Hi, dear friends.

I received more nepenthes seeds today, and I'm adding
them to my list. The price of the packts of all species is
U$ 5.00 each.
Shipping is free, and if you want it registered please add
U$ 4.00 to the order.

The plants are:

Darlingtonia californica (30)

D. spatulata (40)
D. indica 'pale pink flower (40)
D. burmannii 'red humpty doo' (20)
D. sessilifolia (20)
D. intermedia (40)
D. intermedia 'temperate' (40)
D. capillaris (20)
D. auriculata (5)
D. peltata (5)
D. gigantea (5)
D. macrantha (5)
D. filliformis “Florida Red” (10)

P. lusitanica (10)

B. liniflora (20)

S. leucophylla (15)
S. purpurea (15)

U. bifida (40)
U. arenaria (50)

N. ampullaria "green red spotted" (15)
N. albomarginata "grey with red lip" (10)
N. kampost (20)
N. reindwartiana (5)
N. reindwartiana "red" (15)
N. gracilis "red" (20)
N. mirabilis x rafflesiana (5)

If you want just PM me.


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