Nepenthes Ampullaria and "Brunei" naming / origins question

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Nepenthes Ampullaria and "Brunei" naming / origins question

by PlantsWithTeeth_01 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:51 am

I bought an Ampullaria sold as 'Brunei Green', and it is a green amp, but he said it was seed grown rather than TC. This made me wonder if the name 'Brunei Green' was for a cultivar clone, or for a wild variant? If it's for the name of a clone, than obviously my seed grown one is not 'Brunei Green', just a nice green amp with parents from Brunei.

However, if all of the green ones from Brunei are considered a variant, kind of like Mirabilis v. Echinostoma, then perhaps all the progeny of a Green Amp from Brunei are also considered 'Brunei Green'?

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