N. Alata and Ventricosa new conditions opinion

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N. Alata and Ventricosa new conditions opinion

by backerrobert » Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:03 pm

Hi guys

I am in need of some expert opinion. I have an Alata and Ventricosa Black peristome. I am moving to a flat soon so I want to get a little tent-like greenhouse (don't have money for misting and aircon etc.) so very basic. My current set-up is an half-open terrerium, 80% humidity, Artificial lighting. Now in the summer it can reach about 33deg C here where I live but in the winter its much colder. I dont have space in the box for these two plants anymore as they've outgrown it. Would a tent like this work well for these plants even if it gets hot some days? I plan on ensuring humidity stays high with very good air movement (big fan inside).... any opinions on whether they'll survive a warmer climate?
I'd like to trade in South Africa:)

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