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By rob158
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here are the CPs i would like,

s. minor
s. leucophylla
s. exellens
s. judith hindle
s. sultry maid
s. dixie lace,

d. rotundifolia
d. intermedia
d. angelica
d. cuneifolia
d. filiformis
d. schizandra
d. adelae
d. falconeri
d. pelatata
d. gigantea
d. ramellosa
d. macrophylla
d. cistiflora
d. capensis "crete" crested leaves

p. grandiflora
p. lusitanica
p. vulgaris
p. caerulea
p. planifolia
p. gigantea

d. alien
d. angel wings
d. crested petoiles
d. dentata crested
d. dracula
d. korrigans
d. mirror
d. red zombie
d. vampire
d. wacky traps

any aldrovanda

any aquatic utricularia
u. vulgaris
u. neglecta
u. minor
u. intermedia

and heliamphora

can only buy,
no trades,


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