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By danielfivetoes
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As many of you know I somehow stumbled into the role as the caretaker for the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Garden here in Wilmington, North Carolina. For much of the past year I have relied on Matt and Leah to help rebuild our naturalized garden after poaching. Thanks to them and and many outside supporters the garden just received about 400 Beautiful traps. We were charges for 352 but sorry Matt your dear wife as always is most generous in her counting.
Now it is dormancy and those that are afraid to buy at this time I would tell you to seriously reconsider. After two days of potting plants I can say this, dormant plants being potted or planted, this is the idea time to do so. The plants I received all had these great rhizomes, I mean big bulbous ones and the tap root on average were 2- 3 inches on even the what was clearly baby traps. I was getting frustrated when they were over 4 inches, I mean come on? How do I pot that size? To do them justice I had to go out and buy deeper pots! Spring here is going to be very exciting with all these new plants.
Support your grower and buy yourself a plant that this spring will will dazzle you. Oh and a little birdie told me that Matt just might have a legally sourced seeds from Wilmington for all to add to your collection.
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