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By markus13
I ordered a N. maxima (potted) from Leilani Nepenthes on 12/16/2011 and it just arrived today. I must say that I'm quite happy with the quality of the order. They even included a free suprise plant that has a little stow away in it, so I got 3 Neps for the price of one. These pics were taken within a half an hour of me unpacking them.

Here's the N. maxima




And here's the free suprise plant. It's a N. spathulata X (fusca X vertchi).




And the stow away in the pot of the free one.


I definately give Leilani Nepenthes a big thumbs up.
By bombsboy
Wow the trap to leaf size ratio is humongous on the second plant, and the Maxima has a brilliant red hue! Makes me want to order some!
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