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By CaffineFreek
Hey guys, have a question for ya.
Recently my pitcher plant has been growing two or three smaller plants at the base of the main plant. I brought it inside for the winter and now the smaller plants are growing their own pitchers to my delight!

My question is: should I leave them as is (they look a bit crowded)? Or try to split them (I don't want to kill them!!)?
There are no bugs in my house for the pitchers to feed on, and was worried my planys were starving, but I guess this means they arent. Lol

Thanks for your help!
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By Cory
They don't need to eat to survive. They need sunlight.
I wouldn't split them either. Just let it grow. If it gets to crowded its time for a bigger pot
By WaSundew
My N. X Ventrata had about 5 new shoots at the base of it- 2 where medium, about 3 inches high; 2 where deeply attached about 5 inches, and one shoot is about an inch high and just started putting out tendrils. I snapped off the 3 inch shoots and potted them up in high humidity. Note: these shoots had tiny roots already on them. Now they are flourishing- doubled their hight in 2 weeks! I applied a foliar fertilizer to the mother plant and it didnt show that it was even affected in the first place.

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