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By Leo756
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Benurmanii wrote:This is spectacular!
Thanks! I thought it turned out pretty well for such a quick rush job that I only had a couple weeks to work on. I've been doing costuming at sci-fi conventions for several years, so I wish I'd had enough time to make the whole thing myself.
Benurmanii wrote:Did you make this yourself?
Well, I purchased the big head part online, but I had to alter it and embellish it a lot. It looked kinda pointed on top so I had to fold it over and hand stitch it down into more of a dome shape and then stuff it with plastic grocery bags. It came with a felt fabric "pot" that just looked like a brown skirt when I put it on, so I took an old nursery tree pot I had lying around and spray painted it to try to make it look terra cotta color. It's held in place around my waist with a cheap pair of suspenders from Walmart.

The costume didn't come with anything for your hands at all, so I wore cheap green gloves and I made the smaller traps from red plastic picnic plates cut in half, covered with red and green felt, with craft foam glued on for the teeth and tongues. I was surprised how Muppet-ish they turned out!

I found the severed hand in the Halloween decorations at a dollar store, but I had to paint the arm part a little more because it didn't look bloody enough, and I glued some small plastic flies onto it for a gross-out effect! I bought the larger fly and bee, but I had to paint every single inch of the fly because it originally came in bright green, yellow and brown colors. I bought a cheap long-sleeved green shirt to wear underneath it and I hand-stitched artificial plastic vines from a craft store onto the part of the sleeves that showed.

These pictures were from my dress rehearsal the other night and I saw how the teeth on the big head part were pointing out in all different directions, so after that I also hand stitched all the way around the top with green thread to hold them in place pointing downward more.

It was a lot of work, but I can't wait to wear it at a party tonight!
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By Leo756
Posts:  764
Joined:  Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:42 pm
venusthetrap wrote:Hope you have a party to go to with it....
Yep, going to my sister's Halloween party tonight. Supposed to be lots of people there, *and* a costume contest! Her best friend recently told her she's been scared of faceless costumes ever since an experience she had as a little girl... Mwa-ha-ha-ha! You can guess who my traps will be going after all evening! :twisted:
cjpflaumer wrote:Is this Jaws or dente cultivar? :D
Ha-ha! Actually, it's a new cross I've come up with. I call it the 'Audrey Three'... or maybe 'Mean Green Mutha from Outer Space'! :P
By Leo756
Posts:  764
Joined:  Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:42 pm
I won the prize at the party for the "Most Original/Creative Costume"...!
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