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By charlie
Charlie's Growlist





D. muscipula ‘A2’
D. muscipula ‘Ginormous’
D. muscipula ‘Low Giant’
D. muscipula ‘Maroon Monster’

D. adelae
D. aliciae
D. affinis
D. capensis
D. dichotoma "t form"
D. filiformis "red form"
D. 'hercules'
D. graomogolensis
D. madagascariensis
D. montana var. tomentosa Maso de Jambeiro, GraoMogol, Brazil
D. multifilda f. extrem
D. riparia
D. slackii

H. heteradoxa
H. purpurascens
H. nutans Raraima Tempui, Venezuela

P. gigantea
P. moranensis

N. bongso SG
N. chaniana
N. eymae "Black Lips"
N. hamata AW Clone 3
N. inermis (Gunung Gadut) AW
N. jamban SG
N. jamban SNW (cutting)
N. lowii (seeds sown)
N. naga
N. naga x spectabilis SG
N. ramispina (whimgrinder, TF)
N. spectabilis x talangensis
N. spectabilis x veitchii
N. "Splashy" - from Sam Estes in Hawaii (nursery is now burn't to the ground)
N. ventricosa x ephippiata EP
N. ventricosa x lowii 'Peter D'Amato'
N. ventricosa x trusmadiensis "Sabre"


U. alpina
U. bisquamata
U. biloba Moolooaba, Queensland, AU
U. blanchetii "white flower" Chapada Diamantina, MG, Bazil
U. humboldtii
U. longifolia

Coming Soon

AW = Wistuba Clone
BE = Borneo Exotics Clone
CC = California Carnivores
FTC = FlytrapCare Forums
TF = TerraForums
SG = Seed Grown

Check out my photo thread:

Update: I just built a greenhouse, looking for all kinds of plants, especially highland nepenthes and highland sundews... If you see anything that interests you, just send me an email and we can work something out!(cwsimpson9[at]

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