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By alabama
well i ordered for the first time cant wait to recieve the plants. will ofcourse post pictures of how they look =]
i ordered
giant mystery box
pink venus
big jaws
cupped trap
nepenthe judith finn
Darlingtonia californica seed - 1 pack

cant wait for my truckload of plants!
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By Matt
Wow, that'll keep your hands full! And Matt busy. ;)

Hah, yep! I spent most of the morning packing up Tyler's order and I only did part of it. Steve's shipping the Pink Venus and Big Jaws.
By kittyklaws
Congrats on the new plants! :D
And Allen, a mystery box is one of the FlyTrapStore specials: ... y-box.html
There's a 6-plant deal (GIANT Mystery Box) and a 3-plant deal. The point is that you save money but Matt and Steve get to choose the plants you buy :D
By alabama
Wow, that'll keep your hands full! And Matt busy. ;)

hehe well said.
oh yay im very excited about the pink venus and big jaws from steve :D!

cant wait! suspense killing me =[
By alabama
well today is MONDAY!!!! EITHER TODAY OR TOMORROW GUYS!!!@!!@!!@!



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