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By LittleGrower
Posts:  28
Joined:  Sun Apr 19, 2020 4:14 am
Hello carnivorous plants lovers, I just transplanted my D.m 'Big Mouth' and I were surprised by a mutant small plant. The plant has 2 distinguish traps on a single leaf, here is a pic:
IMG20200719121132.jpg (2.85 MiB) Viewed 4775 times
Hope this plant won't die and the mutant will remain on new leaves. So, what do you guys think about this? Leave a comment
By uxleumas
Posts:  389
Joined:  Thu May 07, 2020 5:30 pm
it's very possible that it's a one time thing, i hope no though. if you take a pulling of the leaf it might hae a higher chance of having other leafes also mirrored, though that has the risk of the leaf just dying. if you choose to not do a pullign make sure to feed it often.
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