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By evenwind
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Joined:  Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:16 pm
I've got a gypsicola x moctezumae The plant looks like a shorter-leaved gypsicola. I kinda like the flower:
aa gypsicola x moctezuma 1.JPG
aa gypsicola x moctezuma 1.JPG (63.62 KiB) Viewed 676 times
By twitcher
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Joined:  Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:56 am
Doiing some research on this, I noticed that most of the information out there is for gypsicola x moctezumae. However, recently Curious Plant started selling moctezumae x gypsicola developed in house. So I bought one. It looks very interesting to me and Curious Plant sent me a great plant. I think its about 4" across. They shipped immediately and it arrived in 2 days. I've attached a picture. It came in with a flower as well. It's hard to take a decent picture of plants like this.

Looking for information about how to make this thrive. Minimal roots on it and I planted in aps with a small amount of peat.
20190706_224041.jpg (2 MiB) Viewed 569 times
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