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List the plants you grow

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By mitch
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D. binata 'marston's dragon'
D. binata 'golden giant'
D. binata var dichotoma 'giant'
D. tokaiensis (formaly known as d. spatulata 'kansai')
D. nidiformis
D. binata multifida
D. binata
D. capensis
D. capensis 'red form'
D. adelae
D. spatulata 'Kanto'
D. cocicaulis
D. Admirabilis
D. capensis 'alba'
D. prolifea
D. Routundilolia
D. Filiformis
D. aliciea
D. Slackii

pygmy drosera
D. roseana
D. helodes
D. pygmaea
D. scorpiodos
D. pulchella (pink flower form)
D. dichrosepala
D. enodes
D. cllistos
D. platystigma
D. mannii
D. lasiantha
D. nitidula
D. paleacea ssp. palacea
D. ericsonae


N. sanguinea
N. ventricosa
N. ventricosa x bellii
N. ventricosa x truncata
N. ventricosa x maxima
N. ventricosa x aristolochioides
N. ‘gentle’
N. ‘miranda’
N. hirsuta x spathulata
N. edwardsiann x burbidgea
N. alata 'lantern'
N. hookeriana
N. Truncata Highland
N. rafflesiana green
N. x ventrata
N. x ventrata 'classic'
N. dubia x singalana x ? natural hybrid
N. maxima ‘very dark’
N. veitchii x sanguinea
N. eustachya x maxima
N. alata x ?


‘Fang’ (clone 11)
akai ryu 'red dragon'
‘low giant x red dragon’
‘low giant’
'tall red'
‘red piranah’
'fine tooth x red’


S. purpurea 'tina from gent'
S. umlauftiana
S. 'mardi gras'
S. leucophylla x willsii
S. 'ladies in waiting'
S. catesbie
S. flava 'green form'
S. flava 'light veined'
S. purpurea ssp. purpurea
S. purpurea sp. purpurea 'f heterophylla
S. oreophila
S. minor
S. leucophylla
S. alata 'cv. red throat'
S. alata
S. popie 'red form'
S. flava x oreophila
S. flava ‘cut throat’
S. ‘readii’
S. ‘moorei’
S. catesbie x alata seedlings




u. gibba


H. tequila


d. aliciae
d. slackii
d. capensis
d. binata
d. filiformis
d. natelensis
d. dielsiana


nepenthes 'fat boy' (ventricosa hybrid)
nepenthes ampullaria
nepenthes villosa
nepenthes vieillardii
nepenthes alata
Nepenthes sibuyanensis x ventricosa
sarracenia psittacina
sarracenia minor f. okefenokee giant
drosera hamiltonii
Drosera cuneifolia

-UPDATED- -24-3-10-
-UPDATED- -30-3-10-
-UPDATED- -6-4-10-
-UPDATED- -11-4-10-
-UPDATED- -29-4-10-
-UPDATED- -13-5-10-
-UPDATED- -20-5-10-
-UPDATED- -5-6-10-
-UPDATED- -8-7-10
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By linton
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Good start mate, it grows a root at a time.
By ReefPlant
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Joined:  Sun May 03, 2009 3:58 am
Nice List!
I'm just now drifting into the Nepenthes.
Very nice for 1/2 a year ;)
Good Luck!
By kittyklaws
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Joined:  Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:13 am
Nice list! :D Can't wait to see pics!
By mitch
Posts:  460
Joined:  Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:29 pm
there used to be pics in this post but i jest got rid of them becuase i hate looking at my glasshouse with a dirt floor... now it has river pebles and better shelving
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By ZackNJ
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Joined:  Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:02 am
mitch wrote:thanks! i cant stop buying them! there so awsome!

I feel the same way about Helis lol :-)
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Joined:  Wed May 12, 2010 4:02 pm
WOW that's an amazing collection =) That's a collection

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