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By gage
i just realized the perlite i was using was mirical grow perlite but my plants have been in there for a about 2 weeks and they seem fine besides a few traps dieing but how would you tell if the roots are burning
By Sbrown72
Get it out of there now!!!! It will kill it eventually. It does take awhile but it will happen. Never use Miracel Grow. If it says Miracel Grow do not use it.
By lil_mike227
yeah with mirical gro there is a 100% chance of a dead plant. and ive never had buring roots but what im guessing would happen is alot of ur traps would die off and new ones wont grow back in. so i would get rid of the mirical gro perlit ASAP!
By gage
i repoted in pure peat moss for now but it seemed as if the roots were fine, there was about a half inch of growth on the roots
By Aging_Bourbon
Dude don't use any kinda of Miracle Grow products on you're plants. You may not see the effects now but you will later on.

By lemonlily
Can you train a plant to get used to some fertilizer? Probably doesn't make sense but can these plants get used to it?

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