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By mikaazzon
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Dionaea 'Type' (Aldi)
Dionaea 'Bristle Tooth'
Dionaea 'Cross Teeth'
Dionaea ‘Shark Teeth’
Dionaea 'Dracula'
Dionaea 'Fuzzy Tooth'
Dionaea 'Red Piranha'
Dionaea 'Wacky Trap'
Dionaea 'Moon Trap'
Dionaea 'Fondue’
Dionaea 'Louchâpate'
Dionaea 'Giant Big Mouth'
Dionaea 'Kinchyaku'
Dionaea 'B52'
Dionaea 'Gold Strike'
Dionaea 'Coquillage'
Dionaea 'Microdent'
Dionaea ‘Red Shark Teeth’
Dionaea ‘Charly Mandon’s Spotted’
Dionaea 'Sawtooth'
Dionaea ‘Belzebùb’
Dionaea ‘Whale’
Dionaea ‘Trichterfalle’
Dionaea ‘Green Wizard’
Dionaea ‘Coq Couché’
Dionaea ‘Korrigans’
Dionaea ‘Umgekrempelt’
Dionaea ‘Red Green’
Dionaea ‘Sunrise’
Dionaea 'Yellow Orange'
Dionaea 'Jaws Smiley's'
Dionaea 'Neotenic Pygmy#2'
Dionaea ‘Giant Peach’
Dionaea ‘Korean Melody Shark’
Dionaea ‘SL Seedling‘
Dionaea ‘Minutissimum’
Dionaea ‘Cudo’
Dionaea ‘Mikiki’
Dionaea ‘Crocodile’
Dionaea ‘Fused China’
Dionaea ‘Cluster’
Dionaea ‘Brutal Shark’
Dionaea ‘Kurze Zähne’
Dionaea ‘Phalanx’
Dionaea ‘Red Type Pygmae’
Dionaea ‘Eyelashes’
Dionaea ‘Mirror’
Dionaea ‘Yellow Fused Tooth’
Dionaea ‘Alien’
Dionaea ‘Spotty’
Dionaea ‘Triton’
Dionaea 'Angelwings'


Drosera Grantsaui {Grão Mogol, Minas Gerais, Brazil}
Drosera Graomogolensis
Drosera Binata Marston Dragon
Drosera Binata {Blackmans Bay, TAS}
Drosera Filiformis {Washington County, Florida}
Drosera Capensis
Drosera Capensis Albino
Drosera Aliciae
Drosera Spatulata
Drosera Spatulata Mont Arthur
Drosera Burmannii
Drosera Burmannii {Humpty Doo}
Drosera Ascendens {itarare}
Drosera Capensis Baines Kloof
Drosera X Watari
Drosera Schizandra
Drosera Prolifera
Drosera X Beleziana Giant
Drosera X Snyderi
Drosera X Hybrida
Drosera X Intermedia
Drosera Anglica
Drosera Intermedia
Drosera Rotundifolia
Drosera Nidiformis
Drosera Microscapa

CEPHALOTUS ‘Adrian Slack’
CEPHALOTUS ‘German Giant’
CEPHALOTUS ‘Duddley Watts’
CEPHALOTUS ‘Hummer Giant’
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