Mealy Bugs..

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Mealy Bugs..

by Ping » Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:43 am

I was doing my normal routine check for the day and noticed my Fledgling was littered with them. I had a few strays on two other pots but I read around the forums and clipped off dead pitchers/pitchers infected with them. I read that you want an insecticide with either imidacloprid or use Orthene. I believe I'm going to go the Orthene route and do 2 applications over 2 weeks like a user here suggested that 'destroyed' their mealy problem. Once winter comes around I'll most likely unpot and do a scrub and soak (even if I don't see any more mealy) just to be extra safe. If anyone has some more tips or anything to help me not freak out so much it's welcome :D On a serious note though, mealy bugs seem to be a pest people 'accept' and just maintain since they seem to be so difficult to get rid of...

Link to the Orthene I plan to buy: ... way&sr=8-5

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