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By Matt
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ilikewhatido wrote:How big can Crimson Sawtooth get? If it gets bigger than 1.5 then I will have to include it in my next order!
Yes, the traps on FTS Crimson Sawtooth can get up to 1.5 inch or so on a full size plant. But almost all flytraps that aren't abnormally small can get traps around that size when fully grown.
bannister wrote:ny chance we can get a tour of the tissue culture laboratory?
There's not much to see really, but yeah, I can post some photos when I get back home.
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By jht-union
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Matt wrote:jht-union wrote:
Wow, awesome looking VFT's! A reminder of all the VFT"s I had before!

Thanks Jacobo! Yes, you had quite a nice collection of VFTs at one point! So sad that you had to part with them
Yes! I should be able to start growing them again now, there is a tiny problem, money :( .

Remember the greenhouses, I live just two minutes away from the place that I donated them to. They were kind enough that they are giving me access to both greenhouses to grow and sell carnivorous plants for the benefit of the farm. I have started already and arranging the tubs like I had them.
On top of that, I will be making a self-sustainable bog garden outside in my place, so hopefully I can get plants from all of you soon!

I do need donations to start with the farm, but I have not posted at all about that anywhere....but soon I will! :)
I will post pics of the greenhouses and my few CP's that I have now, my camara is not working at the moment.
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