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By Crazy4plants
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I just received these cheap led lights: ... prod_image
and have mounted one above my lowland nepenthes (about 14" above the plant) in a covered 10gal tank with aluminum foil around 3 sides. According to the graph provided by the manufacturer, this should be giving me a bit below 1000 PPFD.
However, when I left the lights on for a while, they seemed to be too intense, causing sprayed water to evaporate very quickly and the humidity in the tank to drop over 25%, probably more if I left it on for longer.
The temperature also seemed to be climbing quite high, from 75F to over 90F in some parts of the tank in the short time I had the lights on. These are not very hot lights at all, and I can touch the bulb comfortably with my bare hands.
I covered the tank with translucent plastic for now out of fear of burning the plant. Is the light too intense? Are these kind of effects are normal, and how do I mitigate them if they are?

I tried using an iphone app light meter, but it is giving me around 220 PPFD, which seems far too low even if the manufacturer chart is inaccurate.
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