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Discussions on how to propagate your plants sexually and asexually, by seed, natural division or leaf pulling

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By gage
can some one give me very descriptive directions on how to do a leaf pulling?
By gage
how deep do you put it in the soil and should you keep it soaking wet?
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By Matt
I always use sphagnum moss for pullings now. You just need to keep the white end slightly buried but make sure light can still get to most of the pulling. For wetness, I basically follow the same rules as for plants, that is moist, but not wet nor dry. Some people say you can keep them covered with plastic wrap or in a ziploc bag to help them strike. I seem to do fine by putting them in sphagnum under florescent lights.
By gage
okay thanks i think it would be easier to put it in a bag under artifical lights, would you not reccomend that
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By Matt
If you use sphagnum a bag isn't going to add much to the equation. The sphagnum will keep the pulling moist and keep the humidity around it fairly high.
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By Matt
I ut the pulling in the peat or sphagnum in a small pot and put the entire pot in a bag and set it under fluorescent lights.

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