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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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Hi all, i realized instead of making a thousand different threads to post plants as i have them for sale, I would post them all here. For payement, i accept cash and checks in the mail, and you have 2 types of shipping, a small flat rate box for 6.00 or a bubble mailer for 4.00.

I normally have a lot more then this for sale, but this is all i have exteras of.
Venus Fly Traps
$3.00-small 'red phiranna' (about the size of, if not bigger then a quarter'

Sundews (droseras)
$5.00-10 small dime size D. spathula (these are a very bright red, showing signs of being a nice red color under a simple floresant light bulb, these will get a brigter red as the get into more light)

$3.00-a small P. 'aphrodite' about the size of a quarter.

None at the moment

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