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By Goodkoalie
C. follicularis "Daniela"

D. burmannii
D. capensis "alba"
D. capensis "Orange Sherbert"
D. coccicaulis
D. dielsiana

H. tatei "Cerro Duida" x folliculata "Murosipon" clone k13

P. laueana "red"

Sarracenia (outdated, will update in time 1/15/2020)
S. flava var. rugelli clone A (MIke Wang)
S. flava var. ornata "Heavy Veins" (Phil F.)
S. flava var. rubricorpora x flava "heavy veined" (Phil F.)
S. leucophylla f. viridescens
S. leucophylla "Hurricane Creek White"
S. oreophila
S. purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla (Mike Wang
S. purpurea subsp. venosa var. montana Jackson co, NC (Mike wang)
S. rosea Okaloosa co. FL (MIke Wang)
S. rosea southern Baldwin Co. AL (Mike Wang)
S. jonesii
S. rubra subsp. gulfensis (CC)
S. alata black throat x flava var. rubricorpora (Phil F.)
S. 'Adrian Slack' (CC)
S. "Karsyn Elise" (Eric M)
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By Goodkoalie
Updated, added, am also getting my first plants from mike wang tommorw, i canot wait for them:
S. alata "rual hernandez clone"
S. alata 'night' f1
S. flava var. rubricporpora 'hernandez clone"

Here is the pic of my red phiranha lee:
By bigpurp57
Please help me identify these four, I believe they are Crimson sawtooth, the little red one I have no idea, same with the green one in the foreground
IMG_2386.JPG (988.84 KiB) Viewed 4782 times
By Goodkoalie
updated added:
several things i missed
'venus flytraps'
several new sarrs i got such as:
S. 'abaondoned hope'
S. oreo sand mt.
S. pururea
way more

Their was also a recent mess up. My S. luecophylla 'red rocket' used to be a S. 'wilkersons red'. Fred told me his pot of each was miss labled.

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