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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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By Kevin P
I lurk a lot, but don't post nearly enough here. I also take far, far too many pictures of my plants. Thus, blah blah blah photo thread blah.

Something neat to start with - a double leaf put out by one of my D. spatulata (Kanto).




Also have a D. capensis "Red" in bloom. I usually miss these by a mile, but this plant has been very kind.

Nice! If you ever get seeds of that burmannii (I need one with location data lol) let me know.

I expect it'll be flowering in another month or two, so I should have some seed from it by summer - it's been growing like mad thanks to a fortuitous springtail infestation. I'll let you know!
Thanks! It's just point and shoot, with lots of trial and error and adjustment of settings (and more spare time than I'd care to admit :mrgreen:). That fancy black backdrop is a crappy piece of elmer's foamboard I've had kicking around for ages, but it works wonders on the rare occasions I remember to use it.

As for dews, everyone should have one! Or twelve. Or hundreds.

D. burmannii "Pilliga Red" (older pic, from Feb. of this year)


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