just wanted to say thx to Santa Hollyhock!

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just wanted to say thx to Santa Hollyhock!

by riveraXVX » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:13 pm

with the kiddo's help ended up winning the lil giveaway! after consulting the workshop, Santa Hollyhock had a box out the door that arrived safe and sound Saturday afternoon!

only problem for me ...there was no kid at the house all day! her Grandparents had flown in for the week to see us, they ended up being out all day then back to the airbnb they like to use when they come to visit, so the wait for sunday begins!

she got things opened up, and we took a lil video of the unboxing for Hollyhock! a nice variety of plants and a few pullings from another! she helped me get about half of them potted up while learning more about the individuals before heading back to the airbnb last night and i finished things up.

a lovely little assortment, she absolutely LOVES the Pinguicula Florian. very easy to see why it is a cute lil devil! (how anyone pots these up is beyond me! a test of patience!!)

thank you again Hollyhock! hope you enjoyed the video and like I said in the PM you should like the return package you will be receiving! (she spent 5 minutes unboxing and then the next 3 hours working on some stuff!)

I only took a shot of P. Florian by itself, I want to give the rest a bit to reacclimate/adjust


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