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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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I swear Venus Flytraps are not a gateway drug to Sarracenia! This is totally not a funds gathering for my addi-I mean hobby- I need money for fuel to fuel this plant... er power plant in this sarr- I mean car.

Depending on how this goes, I am selling stuff until "Sunday the 22nd".... Doors actually close Monday 23rd 03:00 AM PST
Unless specified, plants are outdoor grown in northern Oregon.
More VFT clones to be listed on Tuesday. Done
Shipping is a fixed $10 usps prio
Payment is PayPal without purchase protection ;)
aka friends/family :lol:

Large/Multi Bareroot Venus Flytrap divisions may receive one large or two medium rhizomes.
B52 x Slack's $40
G17/Megatraps $40
Grun $40
Low Giant $40
SD Kronos $60

Other Bareroots
BZ1955 $30
Fts Purple Ambush $40
G16 $20 - young sized
GJ Giant Form $60 - young sized
Z02 $40 - young sized
Low giant - young/small $20
Grun - young/small $20
SD Kronos- young/small $30
Big mouth - young/small $15
Red/Purple - young/small $15
BCP Green Giant Form - small/ med $30
BCP 16-01 - young/small $30
Dark knight - young/small $60
BCP L02- young/med $85
CCCP (B52 × Red Piranha) x DC XL - young/med $25

Random BCP Venus Flytrap clone $30 - young sized, very likely to be Dingley Giant.
Random Venus Flytrap $20

Sarracenia leucophylla $30
'Tarnok' ????? I think? I mean I thought all leucos had flowers like these? I am fairly certain. Purchased in the early 2000s at an Al's Garden Center.

Indoor grown
Drosera 'xSpoon Fed' $30

Bareroot Bug Biting Bundles: ...Some are extremely limited.
5 small random Venus Flytraps $50...Get 10 for $90
5 small SD kronos $60... Get 10 for $110
5 small tagged Venus Flytraps $60... Get 10 for $100
3 Sarracenia leucophylla 'tarnok' (?)$50... Or Fill a (regional rate A) box $100
3 young random flowerstalking Venus Flytraps $50
A VENUS FLYTRAP Village $250
"Aliens I Tell you! Took them all! Both big and small!"~
Small Planter Resident, Typical T.

Add-ons Order something and add these. Order a Bug Biting Bundle and get a free add-on.
Some Kelp-Ful Fertilizer 3tbsp. $5 - 1/4 tsp per gallon for normal strength. Smells so savory, I want to snor- bake a cake with it. Oh, the plants love it too. :mrgreen:
Live Sphagnum $5 - Don't expect much.

Closed for a bit.
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