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List the plants you grow

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By jht-union
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Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:43 pm
I currently do not have the plants on the list below on the nice list with the pictures with each CP section However I am selling and need to clear my greenhouses from all the carnivorous plants I have , If you would be interested in these on this link shoot me an email: ... 28550.html

Jht-union Growllist



rubra ssp. gulfensis-sforza

rubra (anthocyanin free)- sforza

x wrigleyana ‘scarlet belle’- mcnair

x catesbaei –mcnair

doodlebug- mcnair

readii ‘alabama red’-stewart

flava var. cuprea- stewart

leah Wilkerson-stewart

alata b.r.l stone county-stewart

big thicket-stewart

citronelle mobile county Alabama-stewart

wilkerson red op- stewart


savannah fire x flava cinnamon tube-stewart

georgia peach- stewart

manny herrera- stewart

ritchie bell x p.v. columbus NC- stewart

doreen's colossus- bloom

purpurea- bloom

flava- Fifth season

Dana's Delight- Fifth season

2-3 Dixie lace- Wu

2-3 Scarlet Belle- Wu

1-2 Doodle bug- Wu

1 Flava var. atropurpurea x var. ornata- Wu, rozo, originally came from miller



Dionea muscipula
6 small VFT’s- Thomas
1 FTS Red sawtooth- Wu
1 FTS shot gun star- Wu
2 typical- Wu



5 filiformis- Wu

5 tracyi- Wu

5 intermedia- Wu

1 binata- Wu


1 grafted cactus ( gymnocalcyum mihanorichii ' hibotan')
1 E. Dondo
1 E. Glauca
1 E. tippy
Puya berteroniana
Live Moss
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By jht-union
Posts:  3205
Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:43 pm
dantt99 wrote:Wow, that's a huge list! :D So how do you keep all of those? Where do you get room? :?
dantt99 thank you, well they are small right now, and i know i will have trouble with them this spring, i know they will get bigger, i'm not too worry about my VFT's, Droseras, 4 Pinguiculas, they are small, the ones that worry me a lot are nepenthes, and just a little bit maybe sarracenias, i haven't put a photo of my green house, i bought one from lowes just a week ago, and that's fixing everything for me because i can put them on top of each other, so i save space, also my room is really big, just so you could have an idea, you can put a TV, a couch, your dresser, your bed, a little office, not mentioning that i have an attic in my room where i can placed them, currently i have my baby droseras in my room/office, and a nice set up with plastic and styrofoam for my bigger droseras and nepenthes just under my desk, they're doing great!, also i change pots to rectangular pots, so that i can work with each individual plant, and is easier to handle, it also saves more space, since you can put the VFT's in the middle, and in the corners, circular pots are good, i just think you can't work with individual plants in a circular pot, but that's just me, besides i haven't put my vft's in the rectangular pots since they're dormant, and i don't want to disturb them, so this is just a guess of what i think it might work better. I will repot in spring( i have many things going in spring, can't wait for spring to arrive!)
By Gothic TRAPS
Nice list jht-union! It must of taken you awhile to get a head count on all of those ;) .

AND YES, spring to us CP growers is like waiting for that most anticipated vacation we all deserve :lol: !
By jht-union
Posts:  3205
Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:43 pm
bananaman wrote:WOW!

I wish I had room for all those plants. :cry:

Those are AWESOME plants

Good growing!
Thanks to all of you, and bananaman, you don't really need too much space for this plants, but i accept most of my plants are between the ages of 1-3 year old, so yes, they are small, i don't know if i can provide space when they get bigger, i can't wait for them to grow big in spring!!!!

and i'm mainly concentrating in Droseras and VFT's, so my neps list will stay like that forever(is a promise!! :shock: ) and, i will add more pinguiculas to my collection, probably 8 species or 12 more and that's it, but i'm thinking that most of my collection will be droseras, vft's, and sarracenias, i have a small greenhouse, i'm thinking about buying 12 more pots( currently have 4), 1 pot dedicated only to neps, 1 dedicated to pinguiculas, 2 for sarracenias, 4 for droseras, and 8 for vft's!
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