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By Kwyle21
Trying to find out about this plant. It is very sticky, solid dead bugs on plant, has asassin bug, plant really stinks, can live away from constantly moist soil, 100deg full sun ok, low humidity ok.. , this pict
uploadfromtaptalk1467466287293.jpg (69.05 KiB) Viewed 959 times
is not plant but is identical, fooled me but isnt sticky or smelly. Same size, color, shape as real plant. Would like a cal. flower site pg.

By DrNo7
I do not believe the plant you describe is insectivorous. Generally, the plant would have some anatomical structure for the digestion/absorption of prey (e.g. mucilage, hair triggers).
By Fishkeeper
I'm not sure what it might be, but there are quite a few plants that kill insects without actually consuming them. They might eventually evolve into carnivorous plants, but it sounds like what you have are swamp plants that are sticky enough to kill pests.
Try Google Imaging "sticky smelly swamp plant [wherever you live]" and see if any of the pictures match.
By Kwyle21
It is not a wet ground plant. Does most of its life far from water

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