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By Randall
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I was gifted a Carolina yellow jacket from my brother and it is now fall here in Richmond VA. I was wondering if anyone knows the temperature range this plant has and if it can stay out in zone 8. I could always take it in with my Venus fly traps but would like to leave it outside. Anyone's help is appreciated.
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By Abeginner
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I'm pretty sure a lot of sarracenia are grown naturally in zone 8.. here is something I just read.. If you live an area where the temperature routinely goes below 32°F (0°C) for more than a week at a time, such as in zones 7 or less, you will need to winterize your container plants. Container plants can certainly tolerate brief freezes. But with prolonged freezes, your plants are at risk for frost burn.

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By cjpflaumer
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Being a purpurea hybrid it should take lower temperatures pretty well.

California Carnivores website states "Temperature: 15 degrees - 100 degrees, needs protection from colder winters and always keep very wet when hot"

I would agree if its going to be freezing for a while you should protect it from freezing solid for too long.

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