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By Nick_
I don't know what I should do, attached is my current setup and all of my plants but I feel like the 75+ degree weather will kill the plants, I feel the plastic containers are too thin and I feel like the weather and i feel that the live sphagnum will be destroyed by the heat I could possibly post a few pictures of my back yard for some help on a location ?
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By Jimbok3
Posting some pics of your backyard will help, but the temps are fine mine were happy in 78F this morning and it is 85 now. But you should not expose them to full sun yet, they should be gradually exposed to full sun over a week (two to be safe, I'm doing the same thing as well). The live moss I would keep in the shade/partial sun to be on the safe side. After you post the pics of you backyard choosing the right locations will be easy. Well I have to go back to class :)
I'd say put it out but expose them gradually to direct sunlight. They will look better exposed to natural elements. Make sure the sarracenia pots don't tip over in the wind.

The temps are not a problem, I've seen sphagnum survive higher temps than that. My sphag actually prefer hot and humid environments over others. If they wilt under the sun, place them in a bucket of water and they will regenerate.
I don't adjust Sarracenia much.
If it is late fall to early spring I simply put them outside in slight shade, the move them to the sun.
In the other times of year when it is 95 degrees or more, I put them in the shade, then move them to the sun.

For VFT's and Drosera, I put them in plastic bags, then set them in shade. I slowly open the bag a little at a time, and at the same time, I move them into sunnier conditions a little at a time.
I do that so that the humidity doesn't get too high.

This has worked well for most plants.

The only ones that don't need it in my experience are Utricularia.

Hope I helped!

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