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By MikeB
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I went eBay hunting and snagged one of Jeremiah Harris' plants, a Sarracenia purpurea OP DJ JHP5 (Open Pollinated - Dylan Juedeman - Jeremiah Harris Purpurea #5):
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To give you a sense of scale, I put the plant in a 10-inch / 25-centimeter pot. It's a beast!

I was curious to know if this plant is subspecies purpurea, subspecies venosa, or a cross of the two (it shows traits of both). I asked Jeremiah, and he said that he honestly doesn't know. I really don't care; it's a beautiful plant and a welcome addition to my collection. With a little luck next spring, I can cross it with the Sarracenia purpurea 'Big Fib' that I got from Midtown Carnivores. That should produce some amazing offspring.
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